The specialities of Tweaker SignOff Closure Platform are the new Diagnosis System which will closely work with the existing ECO features by providing the design specific eco recipes, the ECO system, including Timing ECO, Power ECO, Clock ECO, Metal ECO, and Functional ECO, which is largely used for faster time-to-market and better chip quality, and the Recovery system, including Area Recovery, Power Recovery, and Reliability Recovery, which is mostly used for cleaning the redundant power, performance, or area of a chip right before tape out.

Tweaker SignOff Closure Platform is also designed for every flow, including Low Power FlowCPU FlowAdvanced ECO FlowHierarchical ECO Flow, etc.





  ✔ The innovative check-than-eco concept.
  ✔ Provide design specific eco recipes.
  ✔ Avoid unnecessary try-and-error iterations.
  ✔ Ensure efficient and reliable converge.


  ✔ Keep the job progress and eco results well monitored.
  ✔ Provide statistic numbers by tracking the pairs of eco recipes versus metrics
      of eco results.
  ✔ Maintain the whole picture of the eco run to know what the job status is.



  Tweaker-T1 Timing ECO

  ✔ Proven by over 1000+ tapeout from 65nm to 7nm.
  ✔ One license for multiple (300+) STA scenarios.
  ✔ High QoR hold time fixing strategies reduce 30% area overhead.
  ✔ Signoff data are fully utilized for better correlation.

  Tweaker-P1 Leakage Power ECO

  ✔ Based on STA sign-off data, nearly exhaustive swapping.
  ✔ No impact to the existing setup time.

  Tweaker-C1 Clock ECO

  ✔ Useful skew tuning
    - Applies useful skew through sizing, buffer insertion.
    - Slack balance over the whole clock network, instead of the n-stage skew tuning.

  Tweaker-F1 Functional ECO

  ✔ Capable of handling cross-boundary ECO.
  ✔ US patented Minimum ECO logic algorithm.
  ✔ Over 20x faster Functional ECO compared to the traditional manual work.
  ✔ An integrated system for Functional ECO and Post-ECO timing fix.

  Tweaker-M1 Metal ECO

  ✔ An add-on of Tweaker-F1.
  ✔ ECO synthesis and spare cells manipulation for post-silicon ECO.
  ✔ Automatically fix transition/setup/hold violations with spare cells.
  ✔ Support mixed spare cell and gate array body design.


  ✔ Consist of two major functions: Hierarchy Pruning and Corner Pruning. Hierarchy.
  ✔ Provide data pruning features for faster eco without sacrificing quality.
  ✔ Help users easily specify the blocks of interest for eco.
  ✔ Corner Pruning automatically identifies the critical timing scenarios without losing
      the information of the non-critical scenarios for eco.


  ✔ Provide high performance features for faster converge while with better quality.
  ✔ Adaptive ECO dynamically fine-tune the eco recipes based on the results of the
      previous run than launch another incremental fix.
  ✔ Automatically fix transition/setup/hold violations with spare cells.



  Tweaker-A1 Area Recovery

  ✔ Timing Aware Legalization: Legalize cells with watching MMMC timing.
  ✔ Defragmentation Autofix: Collect fragmental space in high utilized area
       for timing ECO with watching MMMC timing.

  Tweaker-P2 Dynamic Power Optimization

  ✔ Through SAIF to find dynamic power consumption cells.
  ✔ Based on timing and physical information to do design recovery.

  Tweaker-R1 Reliability Recovery

  ✔ V-min ECO: Reduce number of user-specified high timing variation cells.
  ✔ IR Drop ECO: The IR issues are always influenced by many of factors, such as
      timing, IR, congestion, and power information. We can't analyze issues
      just relying on single direction. Tweaker- R1 IR Drop ECO integrates all
      design information in one platform.



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